Free Tunes

I am releasing some free music for you to enjoy.
If you like what you hear, enjoy what I do, or simply appreciate an independent artist like me and want to help me continue to make music for ¬†podcasters and for you all, I would greatly appreciate a donation of any giving level. I’ll be adding more free music, so check back in.

Thank you so much.
In the Morning.

In The Morning (acoustic version)

In The Morning (Rock version)

Gitmo National Anthem

(just right click or control click and select “download linked file”)

And While you’re at it, support a great Podcast by Adam Curry and John C Dvorak

No Agenda

All Songs ©2010-2011 Geoff Smith   All rights reserved. Songs are for your personal use only.

Also, check out my page where you can find lots of tunes to enjoy free. If you feel so inclined, I’d certainly appreciate a tip/donation to help me make it as a working musician. Just click HERE TO LEAVE A TIP AND GET MORE SONGS