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Below is a list of Geoff Smith releases – you can buy the songs individually as well as the full albums on both iTunes or Amazon where you can also listen to samples of each of the songs. You will also find Geoff’s music on CDBaby, and

Ask iJ Theme Song

Full version of the popular webshow themesong available on iTunes, Amazon, etc.
The Ask iJ iPhone Ringtone version is available on the iTunes app on your iphone.

Geoff Smith: That’s Gravity

1. I Wanna Dance
2. A Little Rock and Roll
3. Gravity
4. This Is The Song
5. I Call That Life
6. Sunshine Moonlight
7. Foolin’ No One
8. Let It Go
9. It’s Gonna Be A Great Day

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Extra Bonus Tracks Available on the Deluxe Edition of  Geoff Smith:That’s Gravity

10. Gravity (Acoustic)

11. Let it Go (Acoustic)

12. Not on the Radio (Acoustic)

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Geoff Smith: This Song Of Love (feat. Will Lee)

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Geoff Smith – Ones and 0s

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01. Set the music free
02. Digg the Code
03. Ones and 0s
04. Hello, hello
05. Talk Like a Man
06. Tech Support
07. If This Geek Ruled the World
08. Quit my Day Job
09. Pod Save the Queen
10. Save Me
11. Love Everybody
12. I’m a TWiT

Geoff Smith and the Tonewheels

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01. Not on the Radio
02. Stuck in the Middle
03. Take Me Back
04. Rose
05. Slightest Blue
06. Here Nowhere
07. Don’t Ya
08. Loneliness For Two
09. February
10. Hypocrite
11. So I’m Writing
12. hidden mystery track

Christmas Tunes

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The Geoff Smith Christmas Tunes01. Christmas Time Around the World
02. Some Christmas huggin’ and Kissin’
03. My Own Merry Christmas
04. If Christmas Was Make Believe
05. We Could Change the World (This Christmas)


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Geoff formed as a distribution site for his original ringtones. These tones are actually little 15 second songs in pretty much all styles and genres.
The popular subscription service at has produced hundreds of amazing original Geoff Smith songs that bring a smile every time the phone rings. 
Pop song sound-a-likes, comedy, instrumentals, and standard alarms are among the styles Geoff has become known for with RingtoneFeeder.