A New Version of an Old Christmas Song of Mine

Its been quite a while, I know. Honestly I have been wanting to get new music out like you can’t believe. Life comes along and has other scheduling requests, though.

Anyway, this Christmas season is still such a joyous time and I want to spread the joy as best as I can. I recently started digging though my hard drive, and found this old song of mine from 2007 and really wanted to make it better. I like this song, and I always felt it was a good piece of music, but my original track just didn’t do it justice. So I took the original tracks and started tweaking, editing, and even re-singing parts to make this more professional than its previous mix.

I hope you all enjoy it, and if you do, I would be over the moon if you felt like dropping a little something in my donation link below. Music is my lifeblood, and the only way this humble vagabond supports his family.

Throughout the years, so many of you have supported my music and I am so grateful. I very much hope that 2016 brings a renewed spark of creativity.

Merry Christmas to you all.


Just Right-Click and Download

Christmas Time Around The World-2015 REMIX